📢 AMA series 75 Announcement

💬 Hello Infinity Chain Community, We’re having an AMA with Cretaceous Cash

📌 Date and Time:
🗓 18 May 2021
⏰ 7 AM UTC

🏠 Venue: InfinityChain Group

(https://t.me/InfinityChains)Speaker by : Kevin Holloway — CTO

Total Reward : $100

📖 Research : https://cretaceous.space

There will be 3 segments:
Segment 1 : Project Introduction
2 : Selected Twitter Question
3 : Live Session

And for the participants these are the rules :

▶️ Join Infinity Chain Telegram Group (https://t.me/InfinityChains) & Channel (http://t.me/InfinityChain_News).
▶️ Join Telegram Cretaceous Cash Group (https://t.me/CretaceousCash).
▶️ Follow Twitter Infinity Chain (https://twitter.com/Infinity_Chains?s=09).
▶️ Follow Twitter Cretaceous Cash (https://twitter.com/CretaceousCash).
▶️ Open This Tweet (https://twitter.com/Infinity_Chains/status/1394178505361920001?s=20) & Send Your Question.
▶️ Like, RT and tag 3 friend.

⚠️don’t forget to follow all the rules

💻More about Cretaceous Cash

(https://github.com/CretaceousCash)Gitbook (https://app.gitbook.com/@cretaceouscash/s/cretaceouscash/)



At present, the DeFi projects are surging, but the support for new projects is still in the early stage, and the market for venture capital is promising

As a new member of the DeFi project incubator, the Cretaceous condenses the experience and wisdom of senior investors. At the beginning of the planning, the chain decided to fund products to solve the funding problem with this innovative design, the Cretaceous group brought additional liquidity, significantly increasing capital efficiency.

With a series of innovations and preemptive advantages, the Cretaceous will effectively capture hundreds of thousands of long-tail users who are about to flood the DeFi venture capital industry, successfully build the necessary infrastructure for on-chain finance, and lead the development of the era of on-chain funds.



Cretaceous is a new generation of DeFi venture capital based on chain operations . It can provide non-custodial and decentralized VC services for surging cryptocurrency projects.

The Cretaceous aims to establish a chain-based, permissionless, and open social venture capital platform. Through this platform, the members of community can achieve a higher comprehensive return on their investment on new projects.

The Cretaceous protocol will be officially launched on the Binance Smart Chain.